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Que le asiste en el control de su respiración.

Breathe is an app designed to help you ‘watch your breath’. For centuries, deep breathing has been an integral part of meditation practices. It has more recently been adopted by everyone from world class athletes to the U.S. army. Studies have shown that with regular practice meditation can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. Cognitive benefits include improved focus, memory and decision making. The phrase ‘watch your breath’ is common among meditation practitioners, and is actualised in Breathe: there are animations to signal your inhales and exhales, and you have tools to customize the length of each breath. Intentionally breathing in and out can be a powerful, calming, and joyful experience.

Breathe is offered free, with no ads and no hidden features.

Android permissions requested are to enhance the app during usage (prevent device from sleeping) and to provide anonymous usage reporting (network permissions for Google's Firebase library) to steer further development.
No access is made to contacts or data stored on device.

Feedback, suggestion, translations or other comments welcome via email to apps@jatra.co.uk

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