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Análisis GoodDollar: Claim Crypto UBI

GoodDollar: Claim Crypto UBI

GoodDollar: Claim Crypto UBI

Permitir el acceso al sistema financiero digital global a través de la RBU

Claim your FREE digital basic income every day from the GoodDollar network with this GoodDollar Wallet.

GoodDollar is a people-powered framework to generate, finance, and distribute global basic income. Its goal is to provide a baseline standard of living and reduce wealth inequality through the creation of a universal basic income (UBI).

The value in the GoodDollar trust comes from the interest that is generated from Supporters who stake cryptocurrencies in permissionless third-party protocols. Through the amassed reserve interest, G$ coins are minted and used to pay Supporters market-rate interest payments, while a daily amount of G$ is set aside to be distributed as basic income.

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