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U Dating-International Dating

U Dating-International Dating

Aplicación de citas en chino

U Dating is a world-oriented Chinese dating software. With over 350,000 verified members, The U dating app, with online voice translation function, can translate more than 130 languages around the world, allowing you to chat online.
With U Dating, you can:
• Share your moments and your uniqueness.
• Like or comment others' moments and start a natural conversation.
• Do Send text, photo, voice and emojis.
• Find best matches among large number of users, together with their match scores.
• Real-time Translations: Talk to anyone with instant translations.
U Dating是一款为海外华人单身群体量身打造的国际交友软件、这里汇聚了长期居住在海外的优质华人单身男女、TA们拥有高学历、扎实的经济基础、丰富的生活经历以及真诚对待相亲交友的态度。U Dating采用全球领先的约会匹配算法,为您匹配精准的异性。在线聊天翻译功能解决用户沟通语言问题。平台采用先收取认证费方式过滤掉大部分无效用户,提高用户意向度与相亲成功率。

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