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oVRcome - Terapia de exposición a la realidad virtual para fobias y ansiedad social.

oVRcome helps get your phobias and anxieties under control, so you can live a happier, healthier, more relaxed life. Developed by clinical psychologists, it delivers safe, effective, and quick results with guided VR exposure therapy and coping strategies.

Why download oVRcome?
If you have a phobia that stops you living life the way you want to, oVRcome makes it easy for you to learn powerful skills that help manage your reactions and lessen that heart-beaty, stomach-churny feeling you get when you’re terrified of something.

Once you’ve mastered some skills you can use to calm yourself down when you’re anxious, you’re guided into exposure therapy - the global gold standard in treating phobias. This means, you’ll be in an immersive environment with your fears, but they can’t harm you because they’re not actually there. Now you can practice calming down and conquer your fears in the privacy, convenience, and comfort of your own home!

oVRcome is free to use and accessible whenever you need help. Whether it’s a fear of spiders you feel is becoming more obvious, or worries about how to talk to people and be appropriately social after being in lockdown and social distancing for so long; oVRcome can help bring more calm into your life. Working on your mental health can be difficult because psychologists, therapists, and counsellors can be very expensive. They also often have waiting lists a mile long. With oVRcome, you’ll be guided to positive, permanent change without having to worry about cost.

oVRcome has been developed in a clinical setting, backed by a robust body of academically accepted, evidence based, peer reviewed literature. It encapsulates the inner workings of psychological theory and proven methodology, delivered in a user friendly, intuitive, and calming package. Best of all, oVRcome is immediately accessible through the convenience, familiarity, and simplicity of your smartphone.

Ready for a new reality?

-Do exposure therapy whenever you like. Don’t waste time and lose motivation -looking for your fears!
-Gain knowledge about your phobia so you can fight it at the source
-Master critical calming skills for immediate relief
-Change your mindset and reactions around your fears
-Learn how you can live with your phobia and stop letting it rule your life
-Do exercises and quizzes that help you remember and apply powerful techniques to control fear
-Access your skills quickly in the app’s toolbox whenever you need them
-Cool down and regain balance with a series of guided meditations

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