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Stox: Stock & Crypto Tracker

Stox: Stock & Crypto Tracker

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Are you looking for credible new ways to track stock performance and experience an improved way of crypto trading? How about joining a wholesome app that lets you dive deep into the world of the stock market and crypto trading? With Stox, you get to explore and track the performance of your stock, crypto and other investments. The app lets you follow a vigilant stock watchlist, receive rapid updates from stock alerter, monitor stocks efficiently and maintain your stock portfolio with much greater control. Use the price tracker app to book profits and make timely decisions in the crypto or stock market!

Try Stox – Portfolio Tracker, Crypto & Stocks Widget now!

Monitor Stocks and Maintain Investment Portfolio
Stox is a complete investment tracking app for crypto and stock trading that provides you with the tools you require to monitor your global asset portfolio, monitor stocks and crypto investments, keep a stock watchlist, get rapid stocker alerter updates, track your performance over time and stay up to date on your trade game with an easy-to-use, calming, responsive interface.

📈 Stock Performance and Portfolio Tracking: Create your investment portfolio, add your stocks,ETFs, cryptocurrencies and more; enter the details of your stock trading and crypto trading with a few easy taps and track their performance over time in your own currency. Each stock market or crypto trade is visible with profit-loss data on the crypto or stock watchlist. Furthermore, see all of your trades over your investment portfolio in an easy to track stock performance list.

🔎 Watchlist: Easily add different asset types to your watchlist. You can create a stock watchlist, a crypto watchlist or any other depending upon your assets. See your stock performance or asset performance and decide on your future investments in stock market or other markets.

📅 Price Tracker and Trading Widgets: Three beautiful native widgets; two for your stock watchlist and one for your investment portfolio to get quick updates right on your home screen. The price tracker lets you monitor stocks or other investments. Whereas the stock alerter can send you rapid updates about stock market performance.

Fractional Shares: Stox allows you to record and monitor your fractional trades, so you can calculate your stock performance and make timely decisions.

🖼️ Stock Trading and Stock Market Details: See the current price tracker, price graph in varying time frames, financial metrics, low, high, open and close data with the latest news and all of your transactions on the same page. Receive quick updates from the stock alerter and monitor stocks in a much efficient way.

Monitor Stocks with Stock Alerter: Create alerts for a fixed price target or a percentage change easily, keep notified of the price action by server-side push notifications sent to your phone.

🧮 Analytics: See how your portfolio is distributed over geographies and industries; visually examine the distribution of your assets.

🔐 Security: Stox can be secured with a pin number or fingerprint. Your data is securely backed up in the cloud.

🌎 Market Data: Get the latest prices on over 25 global stock exchanges and build your strategy.

Will you like to monitor the ups and downs of portfolio scripts right from your smartphone’s home screen? Download and use Stox – Portfolio Tracker, Crypto & Stocks Widget today!

Ridiculously good Stox assistance: Having any problems with Stox? We will solve it. We are here to help on hello@stox.app!

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