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Análisis Totalfit: At Home & Gym Workouts, Fitness Training

Totalfit: At Home & Gym Workouts, Fitness Training

Totalfit: At Home & Gym Workouts, Fitness Training

Programas y ejercicios personalizados para mejorar tu salud física y mental.

Totalfit is the first fitness app that leads you to optimal health by training your body, mind and spirit. Our brand new training system will help you to save time and money through high-quality workouts anywhere and at any time. At home, outside, in the park or at the gym, track your progress through measurements in six spheres of human nature. Improve your fitness level, reduce stress and implement healthy habits every single day. Start today!

— Totalfit workouts are created by +100 professional coaches from all over the world.
— Workout on your own time! Choose the workout that suits you and your equipment and time limits and get to training your body, mind and spirit. Totalfit includes a wide range of different workouts (including no equipment home workouts and weight workouts). Everyone will be able to find something interesting and exciting to challenge themselves.
— Every workout consists of warm-up, learning a new skill, workout of the day, and a wellness cooldown.
— Totalfit will help you to become fit and healthy as well as reach your lifestyle goals. Learn proper exercise techniques, decrease daily stress and cteate healthy habits that are sustainable.

Totalfit is your personal fitness coach available 24/7! Set your challenge and start today.

Totalfit workouts and programs combine the collective wisdom of more than 100 skilled coaches from all over the world. Improve your fitness level and technique with 120 tutorial videos with coaching tips.

What’s your goal? Would you like to have 6 pack abs, lose weight or maintain your current shape? We prepared great training programs for all: Abs and core, pushups, even neck workout at home or in the gym. You choose if you want to set your gym at home without equipment or go to a fitness studio to work out with weight.

Daily breathing exercises are a great addition to sport activities. Keeping a healthy spirit will speed up your physical progress. Regular spiritual practices will guide your way to stress free life.

Many underestimate the power of right mindset when setting fitness goals. Better mental health will help you to focus on what is right for your body and spirit and keep perfect balance between training and rest. Keep in mind that muscle relaxation is as important as the workout itself. Embrace mindfulness and train with passion regularly. Happy thoughts = fit body!

Choose the activity that fits you best. Totalfit will help you select the best program no matter if you are focusing on weight loss or simply willing to get healthy. Among the most popular Indoor and outdoor activities:
Body weight fitness
Bar workouts
Resistance band
Cardio and running
Jump rope
Stretching exercises
Calisthenics programs
Practices for improved mental health

This Totalfit app lets you work out anytime and anywhere with the best digital coaches. A library of workouts both with or without equipment are available.

Measure your progress in all six spheres of human nature. Motivate yourself by filling each side of the Totalfit hexagon logo - emotional, physical, environmental, intellectual, social, and spiritual. The integrated development of these spheres in every workout is the path to optimal health and a balanced life.

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