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5x5 Workout Logger

5x5 Workout Logger

Programa de entrenamiento efectivo para ponerse fuerte y en forma.

Get stronger, build muscle and burn fat with this simple and effective 5x5 weight lifting program. Train 3 times a week with big compound lifts squat, bench press, deadlift, barbell row, and overhead press. These compound movements are very effective for getting stronger and building muscles at the same time.

Performs five multi-joint barbell exercises per week.
Bench press
Overhead press,
Bent-over row

Day A and Day B alternated throughout the training week, with a rest day between each training day.

If you are a beginner you can set up the app with just 3 taps and start training in the gym or at home.

Intermediate and advanced lifters can set their initial weights during the setup.

★★★ Free 5x5 Workout Features ★★★

★ Generates the correct weight and workouts (A/B)
★ Metric (Kg) and Imperial (lb) weight units support
★ Configurable starting weights
★ Configurable increment for main lifts
★ Weights can be changed during the workout
★ Rest timer, configurable values, and sound
★ Track your body weight
★ Progress graphs
★ Personal bests
★ Calendar history view

The basic features listed above are free to use. No ads.
Support this app and get access to pro features by upgrading to pro version.

★★★ Pro features in 5x5 Workout ★★★

★ Weight plates calculator
★ Cloud backup
★ CSV export for main lifts
★ 16 predefined additional exercises
★ Add custom additional exercises
★ Warm-up sets
★ Auto deload to 3x5 1x5 to overcome plateaus
★ Saw-tooth progression
★ Edit logged workouts
★ Configurable number of sets (1 to 5)
★ 1RM calculator
★ Google Fit integration


SD card to make backups
Internet for In-App purchase

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