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Lauren Simpson Fitness

Lauren Simpson Fitness

¡Alcanza tus objetivos de forma física utilizando nuestros métodos sostenibles y basados ​​en resultados!

Thank you for choosing the Lauren Simpson Fitness App, we can’t wait to get started on your health and fitness journey with you.

Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, to get stronger or somewhere in between, the Lauren Simpson Fitness team are here to help you achieve this. We believe in a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition. This means no extreme diets or fitness regimes, but instead structured and progressive workout programs that work, paired with fun and delicious meal plans that you will actually enjoy. We want you to be the most happy, confident and energised version of yourself!

Through the LSF App we will deliver you our challenges as well as ongoing programs. It is user friendly and provides you with all the information that you need to reach your fat loss, muscle gain or fitness aspirations. This includes the workouts that have been written so that you will naturally progress week to week. You have the ability to swap out any exercise that you are unable to do, or just don’t enjoy. The meal plans are packed with healthy, easy to cook, delicious recipes that we know you will just love. The App once again allows you to swap any meals that aren’t suited to you, meaning you are guaranteed to love every week’s plan and look forward to eating it all.

Hit your calories every day by marking off your meals as you go and watching the tracker on your homepage. This is super helpful whether your goal is to lose fat or gain muscle, as you will know exactly how your macros look throughout the day. You will also stay active and accountable by entering in how many steps you have done each day, so that you can see if you achieved your target!

Keep yourself accountable with the ‘My Progress’ page. The LSF App allows you to take and enter progress photos as many times as you would like throughout each program. Label the picture with the date and your weight if you would like, and add a caption. This feature is a great way to visually track whether you have lost weight or gained any muscle as the weeks go by.

Feel free to contact our amazing customer service team at support@laurensimpsonfitness.com if you have any questions in relation to our App.

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