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CrossFit Games

CrossFit Games

Un pase de acceso completo a la competición internacional de fitness más grande del mundo.

The official app for athletes and fans of the Sport of Fitness — The CrossFit Games app allows you to personalize your experience while competing in the world’s largest fitness competition: the CrossFit Open.

YOUR RANK: Effortlessly find your rank on the worldwide leaderboard, or filter to see where you place within your continent, country, or CrossFit affiliate. Any custom leaderboards you build are also accessible on the app.

LEADERBOARD: The app will automatically display your placement on the global leaderboard and will remember your preferred leaderboard so you can spend less time filtering and searching.

COMPETITION NEWS: Get notified when a new workout is released and jump straight into the workout details. The countdown timer keeps track of the time remaining before the score submission deadline.

SUBMIT SCORES: Do the workout and then use the app to submit your score.

FOLLOW ATHLETES: Learn about the top athletes in the sport and follow them throughout the season.

The app will evolve as the majority of athletes transition from participants to spectators. Get in for the Open and stay for the season.

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