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Aladdin Pro

Aladdin Pro

Aladdin Wallet Pro es una billetera de custodia segura para usted y sus activos de cifrado.

The new and enhanced Aladdin Pro Wallet is a multi-asset paid wallet service that offers a modern way of transferring your money. The Aladdin Pro Wallet is a custodial wallet that gives users an easy-to-use and reliable digital asset storage to keep their cryptocurrencies secured at all times.

Focused on providing a high-level of encryption to protect the users’ information and data, the Aladdin Wallet Pro intends to be a security-oriented crypto wallet service for everyone.

Key Security Features

- Mnemonic Phrase
- Email and Mobile Verification
- Withdrawal PIN code
- Biometrics
- Email/Google OTP (optional)
- Voice Recognition
- Location and Unique Device Number Detection

Aladdin Wallet Pro users should keep in mind the following guidelines:

- Upon installing the Aladdin Wallet Pro, users are required to enter the mnemonic phrase as verification.
- Users will only be able to log in their wallet account to the initially registered mobile device.
- Upon registration, users can use voice recognition to assist the Aladdin administrators’ manual verification process.

Aladdin Wallet Pro is here for you and your crypto assets. This wallet will support leading cryptos in the market to allow extensive support for cryptocurrencies.

You do not have to worry about the security of your cryptos, use the Aladdin Wallet Pro for holding and sending your cryptocurrencies, anytime and anywhere.

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