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Análisis Expense Manager - Track your Expense

Expense Manager - Track your Expense

Expense Manager - Track your Expense

El mejor administrador de gastos para planificación financiera, seguimiento de gastos e informes.

Expense Manager - Track your Expense is a powerful tracking app for managing your personal finance planning with a precise user interface. It gives you the way that automatically and thoroughly analyzes your income and expenses.

Export your transactions as:
- Save report to PDF
- Save report to Excel

Backup / Restore
- You can backup and restore your transactions for incomes and expenses.

Expense Manager - Track your Expense App Features :
- Add Payment type’s i.e Cash, Bank, Cheques, Net Banking, Debit Card and Credit Card
- Organizing bills by week, month and year as well as by categories
- Add Income Description with Date and Time
- Sorting Transactions
- Charts by category, transaction type and income/expense
- Reports with great filters
- Add Your Income or Expense details
- Set Currency Symbol, Set Date Format
- Reports for every Transactions
- Records of your withdraws, Manage your Bank Records
- Daily Expense Manager - Track your Incomes & Expenses
- Settings for Date Time, currency, export to excel/PDF
- Add Category Types, Edit and delete
- All Transactions list with filters, reports (Excel/PDF)
- Add Income and Expense in Different Category
- Powerful Budget Reports Income/Expense Reports

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