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Análisis ReBorn - Task & To-do list

ReBorn - Task & To-do list

ReBorn - Task & To-do list

Tacker de tareas, tiempo y hábitos y libro de cuentas.
¡Que tengas un buen día de ReBorn!

Reborn can manage your tasks.

Reborn can also manage tasks with no schedule.
-If you do not have a schedule, write it in a memo.

Day counter
Reborn can manage events that require date calculation.

Time tracker
Reborn can plan and check your time.

Habit tracker
Reborn can check the progress of your habit.

Reborn can check tasks at once in the calendar.

Account book
Reborn provides a account book.

Reborn provides a variety of widgets.
-Task, Memo, Day counter, Account book

Premium features provided when you make an in-app payment:

1. Theme custom
2. Themed or transparent widget
3. Capture the calendar and time tracker screens as an image
4. Choice of 3 shortcut functions
5. Directly execute Reborn menus froms the top bar
6. Create additional account books.
7. Remove ads

1) General Permissions Guidelines for "ReBorn app"
- have full network access: Used to handle network operations
- view network connections: Used to check network status
- prevent phone from sleeping
- Google Play billing service: Used for in-app payments
- run at startup: Used to register for notifications when the device is launched

2) Access Permissions Guidelines for "ReBorn app"
- Camera (take pictures and videos)
Used to save the photo after taking a picture in the post

- Storage (read the contents of your shared storage, Modify or delete SD card contents)
Used to view/store photos and backup files

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