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Talk to Myself

Talk to Myself

Hablar conmigo mismo para mantener mi vida registrada

We all have secrets. Secret in mind is a burden. Sometimes we need a place to tell what's on mind frankly.

This is a blank place where you can express yourself and talk to yourself secretly. You can write anything as if you talk to yourself, and let them go.
Jot down ideas, take a memo, and take notes without decorated happiness or showing off. It will unburden yourself and you can feel better.

All thoughts, feelings and plans written down are archived as your own story. Only you can read them anytime later on.

* talktomyself is a registered trademark of Horizon since 2019. All right reserved by Horizon Corp., a company established to develop and provide Talk To Myself service. Contact us through talktomyself.horizon@gmail.com for any feedback or inquiry.

Use Talk to Myself today.
Keep my life recorded and reflect on it to change life.

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