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Análisis TRY DRY: The app for Dry January and beyond

TRY DRY: The app for Dry January and beyond

TRY DRY: The app for Dry January and beyond

Controle su forma de beber durante todo el año

Try Dry is the powerful, easy to use, and totally free app helping tens of thousands of people to take control of their drinking. Try Dry is the official app of Dry January, run by the charity Alcohol Change UK.

Co-created with drinkers and based on behavioural science and a culture of experimentation, Try Dry contains unique features such as 'planned drinking', custom goals, and special missions! Unlike many 'sobriety-only apps', it works brilliantly whether you want to cut back or try being sober.

Whether you’re taking on Dry January, doing Sober Spring, making a longer-term change to your drinking, or just cutting back, Try Dry is your friendly year-round support system.

Why should I download Try Dry?
• Track your units, calories and money saved
• Set goals that work for you.
• Loads of great badges to achieve with in-app celebrations every time
• Access our exclusive free coaching email programme
• See your progress using the charts
• Daily motivation. Receive a reminder every day, at a time that suits you.
• Use the drinking risk quiz to check up on your drinking
• Led by science, developed for you. Try Dry combines behavioural science with a highly responsive approach to feedback from users.
• Totally free. No hidden costs, no annoying ads.

Why cut down your drinking?
• People report better sleep, more energy and looking great!
• More money in your pocket (the average UK adult spends £50,000 on booze in their lifetime!)
• Get healthier - cutting back on your drinking lowers your risks of over 60 serious medical conditions including heart disease, stroke, and 7 cancers
• Take control – if alcohol has become a habit, break free and take full control
• Amazing sense of achievement!

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