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Análisis Sober One — Your Personal Drinking Assistant

Sober One — Your Personal Drinking Assistant

Sober One — Your Personal Drinking Assistant

Beba menos o ponga alcohol en espera. Un rastreador, plan, motivación y apoyo.

👀 What can Sober One help with?

😏 Drinking less and controlling yourself

— Take control of alcohol!
— Each day you have a drink, make a note of it on the calendar in Sober One.
— Keep track of how much you drink and how strong your urge to drink is.
— Throughout the month, Sober One will tell you whether you are drinking too much.
— And then, you will decide what to do next.

😎 Quitting for a while or forever

Do it yourself, without an internal conflict, when you are ready.

— Mark your sober days on the calendar and track your progress.
— Sort things out with alcohol. Sober One will help you to better understand why and what for you are drinking.
— Keep track of your mood and important events in the diary. You will notice the impact alcohol has on your mood, and the effect your mood has on your urge to drink.
— Find strength and motivation with the help of Sober One.
— Maintain your determination and sobriety for a long time.
— Learn to enjoy life without alcohol.

What else?

— Learn more about alcohol, health, and healthy habits. You do not have to read a whole number of websites anymore.The editors of Sober One find the most important information and check the facts for you.
— Get advice from our experts and make your life better.
— Control the level of anxiety and depression. Sober One will tell you when your condition is normal and when it is better to see a doctor.

We are guided by science and evidence-based medicine. The efficiency of the methods underlying Sober One is confirmed by research. The app has been developed with the participation of the experienced doctors and psychotherapists.

All of these features are free and will always be available to you without a subscription.

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