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Análisis Pivot Journey: Quit Smoking & Stop Vaping Your Way

Pivot Journey: Quit Smoking & Stop Vaping Your Way

Pivot Journey: Quit Smoking & Stop Vaping Your Way

Deje de fumar gradualmente. Pruebe lecciones después de dejar de fumar y desarrolle habilidades para mantenerse sin fumar.

Quit smoking with Pivot Journey work towards improving your health. It’s hard to quit, and like anything hard you’ll be more successful by gaining and maintaining motivation with helpful quitting advice. Quitting smoking, tobacco and nicotine is easier with Pivot’s guidance. A ‘quit smoking’ app like no other, this program is designed to help you quit now, or reduce smoking and quit for good at your own pace.

Quit smoking with small habit breaking steps to success: Learn habits of health with our activities and educational resources. Quitting smoking is easier when you learn your smoking habits, develop strategies to overcome your triggers/stressors, build skills to quit, practice quitting & gain confidence in your ability to control your cravings to stay quit. Stop smoking by breaking up quitting into small achievable steps.

Stop smoking and stay quit: Quitting smoking for good takes time, and the journey doesn’t end the second you stop. Daily check-ins from Pivot help keep you accountable. Quit smoking now with Pivot and receive support long-term to maintain your smoke-free lifestyle.

Whether you’re ready to quit smoking now or thinking about quitting, Pivot can help. Download now to start your Journey.

Build Motivation:
- Habits of health taught through lessons on motivation, knowledge building & development of coping skills.
- Cigarettes smoked can be monitored to remind you of your progress.
- Addiction scores calculated to see your personal level of addiction to nicotine.

Quit Smoking through Pivot Journey:
- Quit smoking by starting with learning. Stop smoking by increasing your motivation & interest in quitting.
- Reduce smoking. If you’re not ready to quit right away, reducing your smoking can be a great way to practice your strategies to cope with triggers & habits.
- Quit smoking preparedness. If you’re ready to quit, Pivot can help you build your quit plan right away. You’ll explore your triggers, build strategies to fight cravings & urges and have a plan to deal with tough situations.
- Quit vaping & smoking. Quit smoking when you arrive at your quit date. Don’t worry if you slip up, Pivot can help you get right back on track. Your coach & community will rally behind you and give you support throughout your smoking cessation process.
- Maintain. Sustaining change after a long time with any habit takes time & effort. Stay quit & keep learning to make sure your quit is stable with Pivot.

Daily Tracker for Progress:
- See how much you smoke with Pivot’s add-on integrated progress tracker. Track how your body’s level of chemicals improves when you reduce or quit smoking.
- Quit smoking and watch levels decrease from red (smoking) to yellow (on the way to smoke-free) to green (non-smoker) as you stop smoking.
- Reduce or quit smoking: challenge yourself to reach green levels & stay there.

Life Coaches:
- Smoking cessation-trained personal health coaches know the challenges smokers face.
- Life Coaches can provide stress-free support & guidance from day one throughout your program.

Based on science and rooted in empathy, let Pivot Journey be your guide to quitting smoking. We would be honored to help you achieve your goal.
Pivot is free for members of our enterprise partners. Access to the app is provided by your employer or health plan. If Pivot isn’t offered by your employer or health plan, the first 14 days are free, so you can get to know the program and your coach before your first payment. After your risk-free trial, you will be automatically billed based on your selected payment plan. We offer two options: a monthly plan or purchase 6 months upfront for the price of 5 months.

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