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Análisis Taxfix – Simple German tax declaration via app

Taxfix – Simple German tax declaration via app

Taxfix – Simple German tax declaration via app

Software de impuestos rápido y fácil sin formularios de impuestos. Para empleados, estudiantes y expatriados.

Taxfix - The tax app for employees, students, and expats

Taxfix makes doing your taxes in Germany easy: Without tax forms, without tax gibberish. Employees and students can use the app to do their German tax returns for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 quickly and straight from their phone. This also includes employees who have lived in Germany for part of the year and abroad for the other part of the year. Just take a photo of your annual payslip, answer some simple questions and your tax return is ready to submit.

Tax declaration by photo: You can conveniently import the data from your annual payslip by photo. The app automatically recognizes and imports the relevant data and enters it into the correct fields of your tax return.

Step by step: In the interview mode, simple questions will gather all the information you need to prepare your tax return. Only questions are asked which are necessary for your personal tax return.

No tax knowledge necessary: ​​no tax information is required to answer the questions. If you still cannot get any further, the information texts offer you quick assistance.

Instant calculation: Based on your answers, your tax refund amount is calculated immediately. On average, you get back 1027 euros from the tax office!

Paperless tax return: Finally, Taxfix creates your tax documents. These can be electronically transmitted to your local tax office via the official ELSTER interface of the tax office. The transfer is paperless, you do not have to print any tax forms.

Fair fees: Downloading, using the tax app and calculating the amount of your tax refund is all free. For a flat fee of 39.99 euros, you can submit your tax return directly to your local tax office. If you are not obligated to submit, filing your tax return is completely free of charge up to a calculated tax refund of 50 euros.

Save time: With Taxfix, your tax app, you're done with your tax return after about 22 minutes. By comparison, without Taxfix, most people require an average of more than six hours a year to complete their tax returns.

In order to guarantee the perfect quality, Taxfix is currently focusing on simple tax cases. For this reason, the tax app does not currently support the following groups of people or revenues:

- Pensions
- Lending & leasing
- Income from forestry
- Self-employment & freelancers
- year-round limited tax liability
- Residences in two countries at the same time
- Income from abroad during the stay in Germany (excluded: Interest and dividends, subsequent salary for previous work abroad) as well as V+V/L+F from EU/EEA are supported

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