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Análisis The Moon Calendar

The Moon Calendar

The Moon Calendar

Horóscopo, agenda y diario con rituales alineados con la luna y establecimiento de intenciones

The Moon Calendar is a productivity tool to help you organise and align your life, and manifest your highest intentions using the Moon's cycles.

The free version includes:

Δ Personalised lunar calendar, customised to your timezone, location and birth chart
Δ Daily horoscope and guidance on aligning your life with the Moon's cycles
Δ Daily moon info (sign, phase, illumination, moon rise and set, void of course, eclipses and more)
Δ Moon-aligned rituals and self-care suggestions
Δ Track your natal lunar transits based on your birth chart - your own personal moon cycle
Δ Simple to-do list (synced with Google Tasks)
Δ Create and sync events from your Calendar
Δ Widget with moon info

The premium annual subscription for only US$2.99 per year* (with 7 day free trial) includes:

Δ View past and future dates
Δ Set intentions, each with its own goal list and inspiration gallery
Δ Daily journal, with image support and rich text formatting
Δ Moon-aligned journal prompts for each phase
Δ Create and save your own rituals, recipes and self-care ideas
Δ Log period days to see your menstrual cycle alongside the Moon's cycle

*Price may vary by location

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