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Análisis Baby Tracker: Sueño, Amamantamiento, Comida, Pañal

Baby Tracker: Sueño, Amamantamiento, Comida, Pañal

Baby Tracker: Sueño, Amamantamiento, Comida, Pañal

App perfecta para seguir fácilmente las actividades diarias de su recién nacido

Being a mom or dad can be very tiring and challenging! This Baby Tracker App handles details so you can focus on what matters 💜

Get everything new parents need for your newborn baby with the best newborn baby tracker for moms and dads. We make it easy for you to track all your baby’s daily activities. Track your baby’s sleep schedule and breastfeeding log with our handy breastfeeding and sleeping timer. Log diaper changes, solid or bottle feeding and keep track of infant development with this Baby Tracker App.

✔ Track sleep, breastfeeding, bottle, solid, diapering, and growth
✔ Beautiful charts to analyze your Baby’s routines and discover patterns
✔ Simple and easy to use
✔ Darkmode for nightly baby nursing
✔ No network connection required

Key features

Track all your baby’s daily habits
• Breastfeeding Tracker
• Bottle Tracker
• Solid Tracker
• Sleeping Tracker
• Diaper Tracker
• Growth Tracker

Useful statistics and charts to discover patterns
• Sleep
  • Sleep duration and bedtime statistics
  • Average sleep duration
  • Average sleep sessions
• Food
  • Total and per breast breastfeeding duration
  • Total amount of solid or bottle feeding
  • Table of breast, bottle, and solid feeding
• Diaper
  • Number of wet and dirty diapers per day
  • Average number of diapers per day
• Growth
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Head circumference
• Export and share charts
• View useful data and analyze your newborn baby’s routines

• View and edit saved activities
• Filter or access all activities
• Access the entire timeline or filter for food, sleep, diaper, or growth
• See at a glance when your baby last slept or ate or with which breast you last breastfed

We are always excited to hear from you! If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns please contact us at: info.baby.tracker@gmail.com

Connect with us
Web - https://my-baby-tracker.web.app
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/babytrackerapp
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/baby.tracker.app
Twitter - https://twitter.com/BabyTrackerApp

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