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Análisis Baby Tracker - Newborn Feeding, Sleep, Diaper

Baby Tracker - Newborn Feeding, Sleep, Diaper

Baby Tracker - Newborn Feeding, Sleep, Diaper

Lactancia materna, pañales recién nacidos, alimentación del bebé, seguimiento de la salud del bebé y del sueño

"Baby Tracker - Newborn Feeding, Sleep, Diaper" application is the most advanced, most comprehensive, useful baby care and baby tracker application on Google Play. It does NOT need an active internet connection.

This application will accompany you while raising your newborn baby starting from the day your baby is born. You will be able to tracker day to day and week by week development of your baby.

Main features of the application:

- Q&A: You can ask questions to other mothers using the application and reply to the questions of them.
- Weekly Development: You can learn the week by week development of your newborn baby and learn more about the tricks of baby care with the weekly tips.
- Monthly Development: You can check out the development information on a monthly basis and compare them with your baby to find out if something is wrong.
- Daily Questions: We present you with the information you need to know with daily questions and answers we provide.

You can record and tracker the following:

● Baby sleeping tracker
● Height, weight, and head circumference
● Diapers newborn
● Breastfeed tracker
● baby feeding tracker
● Bath
● Medicine
● Breast-feeding
● Playtime, trips, etc
● Fever

We present to you all of the information you record with graphics. In this way, you can analyze the entire month by simply looking at a single screen.

- The application will remind you activities such as breastfeed, sleeping, medicine so that the sleep, feeding and similar cycles of your babies will be in order.
- You can learn more about baby care and nurture with the help of thousands of articles in different categories available in the application.
- You can tracker the vaccinations of your baby.
- You can check out additional formula recipes for your baby depending on his or her month and let your baby have a feast.
- You can calm and let your baby asleep with special sounds and lullabies we have chosen specially for colic babies.
- You can record your baby's special moments with the notepad.
- You will realize that the built-in torch is very useful.
- You will learn more about your baby's sign.
- You can check out every activity any day by visiting the calendar and make comparisons with previous weeks or months.
- You will find baby care articles specially written for newborn babies

* This application is a newborn baby care tracker application. The data available in the application has been prepared with the help of the internet and experts. The data in the application is presented to you based on average data. It may not represent the actual values of your baby. We recommend that you do not follow the recommendations in the application without consulting your doctor.

* You can also find the question and answer platform within the application by visiting www.baby.babyisloading.com link. You can log in with the same account information.

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