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Análisis GlobaliD — portable, digital identity

GlobaliD — portable, digital identity

GlobaliD — portable, digital identity

Cree y administre su propia identidad digital portátil con GlobaliD.

The GlobaliD app allows you to privately and securely identify yourself to sites and apps. Collect verifications to build your reputation for the digital economy—without ever giving up control over your personal information.

We believe that owning your own identity is a basic human right. Your digital identity isn’t just your key for logging into websites and making social connections online, it’s your economic passport for an increasingly global market. At GlobaliD, we’ve developed a privacy-first, highly secure and encrypted platform—one that allows individuals full control over their unique digital identities and bypasses insecure usernames and passwords.

Build your profile:
- Be the first to claim your unique GlobaliD name!
- Upload a photo and set up a profile around your new GlobaliD name and identity

Collect verifications:
- Verifications are a collection of recommendations from trusted third parties
- Verify your existing social networks—including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn—all in one place
- More verifications will be added to the marketplace in the very near future, allowing you to verify your age, education, U.S. residency, and a whole lot more

Connect to the world:
- Ditch insecure usernames and passwords and conveniently login to a growing ecosystem of services using your portable digital identity and secure QR codes

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