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Análisis Regrid Parcels & Property Maps

Regrid Parcels & Property Maps

Regrid Parcels & Property Maps

Propietarios, límite de propiedad, elevación, propiedad de la tierra, mapa satelital, búsqueda de viviendas

Regrid - Shaping Location Intelligence

Easily look up property & location context data (APN, ownership, land-use codes, vacancy indicators, property details and a host of associated tax assessment info) for over 150 million parcels covering over 99% of the US with the Regrid app.

You can survey & prospect properties & land on the go using our app.
With the Regrid app, we put parcels in your pocket.

Previously called Landgrid. Same app, data & company, New Name! We are a leading provider of nationwide parcel & location context data.

For free:

- Access extensive public record property boundaries and details nationwide (no caps or time limit) with just an email address
- Search by address, place, or navigate on the easy to use map interface

If you sign up for our $10/month Pro plan, you also get:

- Full access to a host of additional mapping tools on our website, regrid.com. (signing up for Pro gets you access to both with the same login)
- Bookmark feature allows you to add notes and photos to properties of interest.
- Surveying tool makes it easy to collect more detailed information, if you are doing a larger project such as a citywide survey. (Throw out those tiresome paper forms and manual spreadsheets)
- Additional basemap layers, so you can see things like building footprints and elevation (topo) lines overlaid on property boundaries.
- Additional property info, such as vacancy and building footprint data.

Looking for the old Loveland app? It's Regrid now!

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