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Análisis FlyFin: A.I. & CPA taxes

FlyFin: A.I. & CPA taxes

FlyFin: A.I. & CPA taxes

Los autónomos ahorran ~ $ 3,700. Tarda 5 minutos en configurarse. Deje que A.I + CPA haga todo el trabajo.

Effortless Tax Filing
FlyFin is the world’s #1 A.I. tax engine designed by leading technology experts. Built for self-employed individuals & freelancers to make their taxes effortless. Right from finding tax deductions to filing your taxes, all in just 5 mins, FlyFin is the only app you need to handle all your taxes.

The A.I. scans all your expenses and finds all tax deductions that apply to you. If you’re unsure about an expense, you can seek unlimited help from our expert tax CPAs

With FlyFin you can:

- Automate bookkeeping
- Find tax write-offs automatically
- Eliminate 98% of your work
- CPAs ensure 100% accuracy
- File tax in just 5 minutes

Made For Freelancers:
It is specifically built for freelancers, gig workers, and self-employed workers in the U.S. such as freelance marketers, rideshare drivers, self-employed entrepreneurs, and others who itemize tax deductions.

Powered by Plaid & Mastercard:
Linking your statements is highly secure. We don’t receive your account credentials and no charges can be deducted via linking your bank account(s). FlyFin gets “read-only” access to your account transactions which are end-to-end encrypted.

How FlyFin works:

Step 1: Link your statements securely.
Step 2: A.I. finds all possible self-employment tax deductions automatically.
Step 3: Accept or Reject deductions while the A.I. finds more tax deductions for you.

Turn expenses into deductions automatically
Can I write off meals? Rent? Uber? Health Insurance? Gifts? A.I. and our expert tax CPAs work together to help you maximize your 1099 and Schedule-C tax deductions.

24x7: On the go
A.I. automatically finds self-employment tax deductions every time an expense occurs, around the clock. FlyFin notifies you about important ongoing deductions and any other critical IRS reminders such as quarterly taxes or changes in the tax code.

Estimated Quarterly Tax Calculator
Pay your estimated taxes with the world’s most accurate quarterly tax calculator. The A.I. and CPAs help organize your deductions and assist you with your tax returns, thus providing you with an accurate quarterly tax amount.

User save $3,700 on an average
FlyFin’s ‘Man + Machine' approach leverages the power of A.I. accompanied by highly experienced tax CPAs to provide freelancers with a 100% accurate tax return.

Get a 7-Day Free Trial:
Reduce your income tax liability with FlyFin. Get a 7-day free trial along with three different plans (basic, standard, and premium) catering to different types of freelancer requirements with pricing at $7/mo, $16/mo, and $29/mo, respectively (billed annually).

File taxes with CPAs:
File taxes directly through FlyFin with the help of our CPAs; or you can also export data in IRS format if you want to file elsewhere. File State + Federal taxes directly through FlyFin assisted by CPAs.

Ready to file tax return on January 1
Just press a button and you’re done! A.I. and CPAs handle everything behind the scenes.

Swipe through your taxes:
There is a lot more than you can do besides just Accepting and Rejecting your tax deductions.

Accept: Swipe Right if you’re sure it is a deduction
Reject: Swipe Left to reject
Later: Swipe down if you want to deal with an expense later
CPA: Swipe up if you want to know whether you can take an expense as a deduction or not.

Are you a Freelancer?
Get FlyFin now.

File your federal, state, local, and self-employment taxes with FlyFin. Write-off your business expenses (home office, utilities, electronics, meals, travel) with A.I. and pay an accurate tax amount to avoid penalties. These deductions will help reduce your income tax liability.
Moreover, you can pay your estimated taxes on time with FlyFin A.I. You don’t ever have to worry about any overpayments.

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