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Global Times

Periódico nacional en inglés de China bajo el Diario del Pueblo.

The Global Times is China’s most informative English-language newspaper.

With a remarkable readership, both in China and across the globe, the Global Times provides sharp and innovative reporting, unique and perceptive analysis as well as featured videos and multimedia products.

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Original analysis on hotly debated topics — forthright, unique and striking voice of China

Hu says:
Sharp video comments

Thought-provoking views

A window delving deeper into the most important domestic and international events and trends, chronicling the rise of today’s China

Momentous issues from the financial world and insightful opinions from a China-focused angle

Doorway to international affairs bringing global stories with a unique Chinese perspective

Sophisticated stories on design, cuisine, fashion, art, movies/TVs, travel, celebrities and health

News in diagrams and numbers

All the latest updates from the world sporting arena

To know more, please visit our website: www.globaltimes.cn, join our Facebook page: @globaltimesnews, and follow our Twitter handle: @globaltimesnews.

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