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Análisis DroneVR+ FPV for DJI Drones

DroneVR+ FPV for DJI Drones

DroneVR+ FPV for DJI Drones

DroneVR convierte tu teléfono en un FPV realidad virtual auricular volar drones DJI.

With DroneVR you can take a seat in your DJI drone and fly like a bird. DroneVR connects to your DJI drone and renders the live video stream in stereo with lens distortion correction so that it can be viewed with a virtual reality headset for your phone.

Note: DroneVR supports the DJI Mavic Mini / 2, Mavic Pro / 2, Mavic Air / 2 / 2s, Spark, Phantom 4 / Advanced / Pro, Phantom 3 Standard / Advanced / Pro, Inspire 1 and Ryze Tello.

Important: The Mavic 3 is NOT supported because DJI does not offer a developer kit so far. We will add support in case DJI releases a developer kit. Kindly asking you to not down-rate the app because we cannot control this issue.

The Phantom 3 SE is NOT supported as it does not support 3rd party apps. Support for the Tello is free, for unlimited use of the other drones the support to be unlocked via an In-App purchase. In addition, DroneVR offers a time limited trial mode so that you can test how it works with your drone and phone. Support for the Phantom 2 Vision+ is available as a separate app 'DroneVR - Phantom 2 Vision+' for free.

DroneVR's features:
* Beautiful and configurable head-up display to show telemetry information such heading, speed, height, pitch and battery status blended into the live camera view.
* Head-tracking allows you to controls the orientation of your camera in realtime by moving your head ! For DJI Phantom Series head tracking is supported for camera pitch. With the DJI Inspire 1 head tracking across all three axis is supported.
* Advanced lens distortion correction algorithms ensure highest quality and low latency video rendering.
* Hardware accelerated video decoding provides best image quality and low battery consumption.
* High definition video quality of 720p and 30 frames / second with Phantom 3 / Inspire 1 and even 1080p with Mavic Pro / 2.
* Spectator mode to connect a 2nd phone to fly with a friend.
* Picture size and position and be adjustable to work with almost any virtual reality headset.

Important notes:
* To use DroneVR you need one of the above listed DJI drones.
* To use DroneVR in stereo mode you need a virtual reality headset where you can mount your phone (e.g. FreeFly VR, Zeiss VR One or a Google Cardboard). A phone with a high resolution screen and a screen size of at least 4.7 is recommended.

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