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Spotistats for Spotify

Spotistats for Spotify

Obtén información avanzada sobre tus mejores canciones, artistas y mucho más de Spotify.

Don't feel like waiting until the end of the year to see your Spotify Wrapped? No problem, you can do that any time of the year with up-to-date data!

Spotistats for Spotify provides insight into your most listened songs and artists, with a choice of different periods. What makes this app unique is that you can track your streaming history and view the amount of times you’ve played a song or artist!

You can also see a lot of stats about your listening behavior, for example:
- When you listen
- How much you listen
- What are the genres you listen to
- What type of music (lively, energetic, etc)
And many more Spotify statistics

You can also see detailed information per song, artist or playlist:
- Personal statistics (how many times played etc)
- How popular the song / artist / playlist is on Spotify
- What type of music it is (lively, energetic, danceable, instrumental etc)
And many more Spotify statistics

And much more will be added in future updates! Are you missing a feature? Then contact me and I will immediately look at it :)

In short, Spotistats for Spotify is the must-have Spotify companion.


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