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Análisis Currency Converter Calculator

Currency Converter Calculator

Currency Converter Calculator

170 monedas, actualizado 10 minutos, modo oscuro, interfaz de usuario limpia, cálculo rápido sin conexión

CCC (Currency Converter Calculator) is the easiest, simplest and fastest currency convertor and calculator App coming with modern design right into your pocket !

CCC (Currency Converter Calculator) is a quick currency converter and calculator app. There are 170 currencies supported and rates are refreshed every 10 minutes. It can convert a single currency to multiple currencies at same time also It can calculate mathematical operations. It supports also offline conversion with the last online data. You do not have to choose a target currency because it converts automatically to all of your favourite currencies(The Currencies you interest). You can select your favourite currencies which you interested in order to filter main result screen. It designed for quick and fast conversion.

If you are traveler or changing countries so often Real time exchange rates and offline mode saves you money while abroad. Great while traveling !

Bugs and feature requests welcomed to https://github.com/CurrencyConverterCalculator/CCC/issues

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