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SimpleCurrency Converter

SimpleCurrency Converter

SimplyCurrency le ayuda a convertir su moneda fuera de línea, en línea y sin publicidad

SimpleCurrency is a small currency converter with a focus on the essential: Converting 160 currency from over 250 countries - online, offline and ad-free - and even for free!

Tutorial-Video: https://youtu.be/lAT3yLUZEIE

100% simple
SimpleCurrency renounces unnecessary advertising, stock market information and provides a simple design: Just select your currencies and enter the amount.

100% holiday-suitable
Do not worry about mobile internet on holidays. SimpleCurrency calculates your currency offline and uses the last known exchange rate. Once online again, the app updates automatically the exchange rate for you.

100% free
A currency converter absolutely for free without required in app purchases.

Now with new features!
- Calculator
- Historic Exchange Data
- Custom Background-Images
- Custom Exchange Rates
- and much more...

Currencydata: openexchangerates.org

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