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Análisis Cashmallow - Mobile Currency Exchange

Cashmallow - Mobile Currency Exchange

Cashmallow - Mobile Currency Exchange

Cambie moneda en cualquier momento y lugar y retire dinero en destinos turísticos.

Reasonable Exchange Rates
• Cashmallow offers reasonable and transparent rates on the side of travelers.

Overseas Travel without Currency Exchange?
• You can exchange foreign currency in the APP at any time before or during the trip, then you can withdraw cash at the local ATM free of charge.

Reliable Currency Exchange Service
• Feels like the bank's expensive exchange rates and something uncomfortable about using exchange shops, don’t you? Cashmallow offers secure service and free withdrawals through local ATMs.

Currency Calculator
• Cashmallow APP calculator can help make complex conversions easier.

Cashmallow reliable customer support
• Kakao Plus Friends:cashmallow
• Line:@cashmallow
• whatsapp:+821051445439
• Email:contact@cashmallow.com

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