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Análisis STEM Buddies: Science for Kids

STEM Buddies: Science for Kids

STEM Buddies: Science for Kids

Aplicación educativa divertida e interactiva para niños de 4 a 9 años o más centrada en STEM

Welcome to the world of the STEM Buddies. We use storytelling, animations and fun activities to spark children’s interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and introduce them to 21st century skills. This educational app is interactive and fun. it is original, and high quality. It is created by highly qualified educational experts, and is certified for educational pedagogy by Educational Alliance Finland since 2019.
It includes a series of short animated stories about the daily life of the STEM Buddies. Each storyline is centered around one topic. As the STEM Buddies Doc, Victor, Helix, Cookie and their robot dog Issy hang out by their treehouse, they explore life and science while they play. They will make your children (ages 4-9+) love STEM, too. By following the characters in our stories, the children gain the know-how to become self-directed, forward-thinking, collaborative learners; all skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century framework.
Each topic has a set of carefully chosen and structured learning objectives that are aligned with international standards for the selected age group. It is geared toward IB curriculum but easily meets Early Childhood Science standards of curriculum for most countries (Common Core, NAPLAN, UK Curriculum Standards).

Key Features

★Topics (Gravity, Water Cycle, Flying, Sound, Germs, Muscles, Healthy Food)
★Ads Free
★Certified for educational pedagogy from Finland
★Aligned with international standards
★Gender neutral and age appropriate
★Short streamed videos
★Fun facts
★Certificates of Completion
★Coloring pages
★Questions and quizzes
★Matching games
★Interactive Puzzle

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