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Breathing exercises to harness the full power of your breath & HRV monitoring.

Breathing exercises from ancient traditions backed by modern research, plus, camera based Heart rate monitor with in-depth HRV analysis.

It's a comprehensive breathing app with hundreds of techniques ranging from 2-minute meditation that work instantly to advanced techniques & programs from the Indian & Oriental cultures.

- Simple breathing exercises / meditation to provide quick results- RELAX, ENERGIZE, FOCUS, Calm etc. Popular techniques: 4-7-8 breathing, box breathing etc

- Breathing exercises based programs that improve respiratory capabilities, LUNGS CAPACITY, Pulmonary breathing help, vitality etc

- Breathing exercises to change the body’s subtle energy balance like- lower your BLOOD PRESSURE, balance the nervous system etc

Science-backed 'habits & addiction' breathing exercises programs that include notifications. Programs-

Reduce CAFFEINE | Reduce stress & anxiety | Sleep help | Focus & productivity

Heart rate monitor -
Use phone camera to measure your heart rate & HRV.

In-Depth Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis-
HRV is a noninvasive measure of the autonomic nervous system and used as an indicator for various aspects relating to health, performance & well-being.

Measurements indicate-
-Your general health
-Your stress & energy levels
-Your ability to perform
-Nervous system balance
Track your heart rate and HRV and use them to track your health

BREATH BASICS- Get started with simple deep breathing, accompanied visualizations will help you get used to the basics

PRANAYAMA meditation program- The de-facto work from the Indian tradition which covers every intricate detail concerning breath-work, we have included a stepwise program to increase your breathing capabilities including lung capacity and overall IMMUNITY

ORIENTAL | RESPIRATORY SYSTEM BOOST course- Similar in purpose to the pranayama program but it takes a different, quick-fire approach to it

TIBETIAN breath meditation - Tibet has a rich ancient tradition of exploring every intricate detail of life & some of their works are now publicly available
We have included two beautiful techniques from their tradition, one is the popular TIBETIAN FIRE BREATH (TUMMO) and the other is the TIBETIAN BODY DETOX/PURIFYING technique

BASIC KUNDALINI meditation - A vast and intricate system of awakening our internal energies has been developed over thousands of years, these include a combination of postures, movements and breath-work. We have included a few exercises which are simple, work instantly and deliver results.

DESCRIPTIVE- With most breathing exercises, given inside is a description of how they work, the science behind it

SELECT INTENSITY LEVELS- With certain breathing exercises, we’ve also included various stages of intensity depending on a person’s degree of fitness/capacity which can be switched on the fly.

SEARCH & FIND the technique you need-
Our multi-benefit search function helps you find the exact technique you need at that moment

It's a free HRV heart rate monitor & breathing meditation app rolled in one.

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