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Análisis MeYo - Meet You Chat Game Live

MeYo - Meet You Chat Game Live

MeYo - Meet You Chat Game Live

Texto de voz y personas reales

Making new friends? Got ya! Join MeYo right now! The new generation socializing App!

In MeYo, you can play with others nearby in the city by text, voice, image or many other ways to make friends easily!

Product features
[More Efficient]:
First time ever, you never need to worry about no one replies your messages, because MeYo applies the latest AI matching algorithm to proactively recommend users who have every possible specific interests in chatting with you at the fastest ways in less than 5 seconds on avg.

[More Real]:
MeYo strictly restricts any fake or robot users by demanding two-factor, machine+artificial, authentication of any new users before they can proceed chat. More than 90% users have done identity authentication as result of our dedication and commitment to a truthful social platform.

[More Emotional]:
Making friends is no more impossible! MeYo helps you break ice by quickly start chatting; as intimacy rises, it unlocks more and all interactive & interesting features.

Product Functions
[Ludo Games]:
Play Ludo games with your friends in the group chat room and win more golds.
[Family chat]:
Play with others by text, voice, image or many other ways to make friends.
[Private Chat]:
Chat with others immediately and safely!
[Awesome Gifts]:
You will find the coolest designed and selected gifts!

VIP member subscription instructions:
Subscription cycle: 30 days, 90 days, 365 days.
Cost: $9.9/30 days, $28.99/90 days, $99.99/365 days

[MeYo VIP Agreement]: https://www.meyo.one/terms/en/vip_agreement.html
[User Service Agreement]: https://www.meyo.one/terms/en/service_agreement.html
[User Privace Policy]: https://www.meyo.one/terms/en/privicy.html

Contact us:
MeYo Team website: www.meyo.one
MeYo Team Facebook: https://facebook.com/meyo.one
MeYo Team E-Mail: official@meyo.one

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