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Análisis Memory Timer-CountdownCalendar

Memory Timer-CountdownCalendar

Memory Timer-CountdownCalendar

Memory Timer is a beautiful countdown on all devices! that helps you remind of important dates or events in your life. Based on AI technology, our functions of remind, share, manage time, all will assist you to awaken your memories at the right time and assist you to remember to love and responsibility in all life.

Product Features
● Personalized reminder rules.
● Management of anniversaries, birthdays, events, etc.
● Support widgets.
● Calendar, communication record one-key import function.
● Provide classified management of events.
● Other people can save your shared events in Memory Timer.
● Beautiful interface and simple operation.
●Custom background wallpaper
●Birthday event automatically matches the constellation
●Write some records on the event details page.

💖Beautiful and elegant
The sleek and elegant design gives you different visual enjoyment and is easy to operate in any scene.

Customize your countdowns
Count down to any special date and create as many countdowns as you want !it can be Christmas, New Year 2020, or your next vacation trip. Set a timer or see how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years are left until an event that is important to you.

🕵️‍♀️Personalized reminder
Your countdown units from years down to seconds! Memory Timer can be a personalized reminder based on your countdown plan, 100 days, 200 days, 30 days, etc.

🎉Manage a variety of anniversaries
See all events count down in real-time! Never forget every important day. Whether it's a friend's wedding, a child's birthday, or a wedding anniversary, you can find and manage the plan on the Memory Timer screen list.

📱Widgets to fit every home screen
Choose your style for each widget!According to the habits of personal use, you can freely combine desktop components, you can see recent event reminders without opening the app, and find time changes anytime, anywhere.

📅Add events from your calendar
Support one-click import of mobile calendar, contacts(address book)! Let your local calendar events be recorded together in the list without repeating the records.

💌Share your events
Share an event with your friends/family so they can join in on the excitement too.

🌸Custom background wallpaper
You can set the background for each event.

📙Write this moment
Write down the thoughts or interesting things at the moment of the anniversary. You can write these on the edit page.

🎂Happy Birthday
How long have you been in this world? Memory Timer to tell you! Set the birthday classification event, select the date to see the time and the constellation.

💗Suggest any feature you'd like to see in future updates.

Feedback is always welcomed to send to www.facebook.com/NoxMemory or support@noxmemory.com.
Website: www.NoxMemory.com

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