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Análisis JobStack | Find Workers | Find Temp Staff

JobStack | Find Workers | Find Temp Staff

JobStack | Find Workers | Find Temp Staff

Una aplicación móvil de dotación de personal que le permite administrar su fuerza laboral bajo demanda 24/7.

Find Temporary Staff with JobStack

Find Qualified Workers, Fast. JobStack, PeopleReady’s mobile staffing app for business’s, allows you to request temporary staff from anywhere at any time, all from your phone. JobStack gives you the flexibility to manage your workforce from work, home, or on the go. From the tap of your phone you can request workers, submit their hours, and review their performance. No in-person tasks necessary.

Here are some key benefits of our on-demand staffing app, JobStack:
• Place orders for temporary workers, 24/7. No matter when you need flexible workers, you can open up the app and make a request.
• See in real time the workers being sent to your job site
• Submit hours for your workers after they complete a shift from within the app
• With JobStack, you can give every worker a rating between 1-5 stars after they complete a shift so you can easily find your top performers next time you need workers.
• Every PeopleReady | JobStack worker is verified as eligible to work and properly documented. We provide behavioral, drug, and background screenings upon request.
Download PeopleReady’s staffing app, JobStack to manage your on-demand workforce and start placing orders to experience the benefit (and peace of mind!) of 24/7 access and flexibility today.

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