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Análisis Al Quran 3D (Hafizi 15 lines)

Al Quran 3D (Hafizi 15 lines)

Al Quran 3D (Hafizi 15 lines)

In the name of Allah, The entirely merciful, The especially merciful.

Al-Quran 3D (Hafizi 15 lines) app is an Islamic app for the entire muslim ummah. We’ve tried to make Al-Quran available to mobile phone for easy access.

Al-Quran 3D (Hafizi 15 lines) Features:
1. No spelling mistake (Page are scanned from most used 15 lines Hafizi Quran, Saudi print)
2. Moving from one page to another by 3D page flip animation with real sound effect
3. The 114 Surah index with total verse/ayah number, place and page number
4. The 30 Juz/Para index with name and including verse/ayah number of surah and page number
5. Bookmarks facilities with surah name, juz/para number and page number
6. Search in Surah, Juz/Para and Bookmarks
7. Go to any page using "Jump" option
8. Resume your reading using "Last opened page" option
9. Can use the volume keys to change pages without touching display
10. Can be zoomed
11. On landscape mode view 2 page at a time
12. Good page resolution and clear text
13. Full offline reading view
14. Free app
15. No advertisement

We have tried our best to keep it error free from both technical and content point of view. If you find any issue, you are most welcome to feedback us. We are open to hearing your suggestions to make this app the best Quran application for Android.

Please remember us in your Prayers.

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