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Análisis Stop Smoking - Quit Smoking Tracker

Stop Smoking - Quit Smoking Tracker

Stop Smoking - Quit Smoking Tracker

¡Deje de fumar y recompénsese con la vida ganada y el dinero ahorrado!

If you want stop smoking, fantastic! Well done. You can use Stop Smoking - Quit Smoking Tracker to provide the inspiration and incentive to keep you a successful non-smoker.
Want to know what are the benefits of your stop smoking? Drop It! gives you information related to your health as targets to complete. For example: did you know that after two days without tobacco, smell and taste improve? Or Energy level s back to normal.
We want to help you stop smoking and keep motivated to not smoke:
- See how long you’ve been smoke free (days).
- The money you’ve saved from not smoking
- The number of cigarettes you’ve not smoked
- Share your successes with your friends will motivate you all time
- Record your cravings in a diary
- Earn different badges for your progress
- How your health is improving
- App offers password protection of your statistics
- Daily notification along with smoking statistics will remind you to quit

★ Scientific Statistics of smoking
- See smoke free days, life regained, not smoked days, how much money you have wasted, how much money you saved and how much life you regained etc.

★ Badges (Different Trophies)
- Earn different badges as rewards for stopping smoking and use them as a motivational help tool. They can also help you stay strong against the nicotine addiction.

★ Personal Motivations
- Get even more personal by creating your own daily motivations and allow to enter your own motivation or reasons to stop smoking will remind you of them to keep you positive and help you stay on track in you smoke free journey. This will easily assist you in breaking this habits forever.

Top reasons of quit smoking including benefits and losses :
- You can add your top reasons to quit smoking and also suggested.
- You can write dairy with how do you feel? And how many cigarettes you had?
- You tried to stop this horrible addiction of smoking?
- The senses of smell and taste improved.
- You tried everything to quit smoking but your efforts were unsuccessful?
- Quitting nicotine is a challenge itself, but you can treat it like a game.
- Stop Cigarettes Counter - Quit Smoking Tracker - Money Saved
- This app tries to motivate you a bit more! And by doing this breathe become easier.
- Sobriety Counter, Quit Smoking
- Simple Drop It! Quit Smoking
- Free Stop Smoking - Quit Smoking Tracker

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