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Análisis SoberTool - Alcoholism, Addiction, Sobriety Help

SoberTool - Alcoholism, Addiction, Sobriety Help

SoberTool - Alcoholism, Addiction, Sobriety Help

Hecho por un consejero de drogas con 33 años de sobriedad. Mejor calificado por Healthline.com.

TOP RATED COUNTER, FORUM AND RELAPSE PREVENTION TOOL. REWARDS AND DAILY TIPS! YOU ARE NEVER ALONE WHEN YOU NEED HELP BECAUSE SOBERTOOL IS RIGHT IN YOUR POCKET! WORKS WITH ANY ADDICTION OR BAD HABIT. Developed by a 33 year sober Harvard educated Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and a team from The Ohio State University, this app is based on proven techniques to help you stay clean, sober, and happy.
Relapse Prevention Support for any addiction at your fingertips. You also get:

* SOBRIETY COUNTER calculates days clean and sober and MONEY saved!
* REWARDS for the time you have stayed clean and sober!
* Daily MESSAGES and NOTIFICATIONS to remind you to read them.
* SEARCH ENGINE. Choose one word to describe how you currently feel and it will lead you to answers to deal with those feelings so that you feel better and don't relapse!
* A PROVEN PROCESS TO AVOID RELAPSING! If you have a craving, just answer a few simple questions and you will get an answer TO WHAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING. SoberTool changes relapse thinking to recovery thinking. No other recovery book or app is designed to do this. All you have to do is follow its simple prompts to get a reading relevant to where you are right now!
* COMMUNITY FORUM where you can anonymously share your personal messages, comments and get support from others.
* JOURNALING to allow you to vent feelings and to reflect on your recovery journey.

Whether it's alcohol, food, sex, cocaine, marijuana, gambling, spending, heroin, the internet, or anything else, SoberTool gives you free, immediate help. It actually trains coping skills. Confidential: SoberTool respects your privacy by not requiring you to give any personal information, and having minimal app permissions! SoberTool will not invade your contact list.

- Are new to sobriety and need an easy tool to beat cravings and triggering thoughts
related to alcoholism and addiction.
- Have been clean and sober for awhile but still feel stress.
- Just completed alcoholism and addiction inpatient or outpatient treatment and want a tool to help you with continuing care.
- Want to stay sober for your family, friends or YOURSELF.
- Have struggled staying clean and sober before.
- Want help when you can't reach a Sponsor, support person, therapist, or get to a 12 Step meeting.
- Have had legal or any kind of trouble as a result of alcohol, drugs, or addictive behaviors.
- Must stay sober per an Employee Assistance Program, court system,
professional assistance program, employer, school, licensing bureau, etc.
- Feel stuck in your recovery and want to have fun while staying sober.
- Need help making wise decisions that won't jeopardize your sobriety.

This App has also been useful for treatment centers, alcoholism and addiction counselors, psychiatrists, and 12 Step Sponsors for the alcoholic or addict who need a resource for finding answers to common issues experienced by the alcoholic and addict.
Some of the materials contain theories related to cognitive behavioral therapy and 12 Step practice. It also contains slogans commonly heard at 12 Step meetings. Please note this App is not a substitute for alcoholism and addiction treatment and 12 Step meetings!

SoberTool helps with alcoholism treatment, addiction treatment, relapse prevention, and alcohol and drug recovery.

DISCLAIMER: None of the information in this App creates a counselor patient relationship or should substitute for any other forms of therapy. The User waives the right to make any claims against Author for any misinterpretations or any harm claimed from the use of this App. This App is not therapy or treatment.

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