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Análisis QuitGuide - Quit Smoking

QuitGuide - Quit Smoking

QuitGuide - Quit Smoking

QuitGuide proporciona información y apoyo para ayudarle a dejar de fumar para siempre experto.

QuitGuide is a free smartphone app that can help you quit smoking. You can track your cigarette cravings and moods, monitor your progress toward achieving smokefree milestones, discover your reasons for quitting smoking, identify smoking triggers and develop strategies to deal with them, get expert guidance on how to quit smoking and address nicotine withdrawal, and access a variety of other strategies to help you successfully become and stay smokefree.

QuitGuide provides tips to use during cravings. Use these tips to help you manage your mood and stay smokefree. QuitGuide also gives you the ability to track cravings by time of day and location, so you can receive support when and where you need it. To get more tips and support, you can also visit the smokefree.gov website.

QuitGuide is a product of Smokefree.gov (SfG)—a smoking cessation resource created by the Tobacco Control Research Branch at the National Cancer Institute in collaboration with tobacco control professionals and smoking cessation experts and with input from ex-smokers.

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