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Análisis Smoking Log - Stop Smoking

Smoking Log - Stop Smoking

Smoking Log - Stop Smoking

Dejar de fumar con el registro de fumar. Establece metas y sigue tus hábitos de fumar fácilmente.

Quit smoking with Smoking Log by gradually reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke daily. Set goals and track your smoking habits easily. View history to track your smoking habits and progress over time.

★★ Features ★★


★ Compare progress across time periods (money, time, smokes per day/period)
★ Provides reminders to help manage your goals

Summary View:

★ Displays a list of all recorded cigarettes
★ Warns you if you try to smoke before you have met your goal
★ Provides a summary for the day that tracks the number of cigarettes, time from last smoke, average time between cigarettes, money and time spent

History View:

★ Allows easy comparisons of statistics between days
★ Provides an average of your smoking habits
★ Drill down into the summary view for previous days

Chart View:

★ Visualize your progress across time


[Plus] A widget to display today's summary
[Plus] Tasker / Locale plugins
★ Easily configure/see your goals and how well you are meeting them
★ Export your data to share with others
★ Insert cigarettes that you missed recording when you smoked them (ie: because you were driving)
★ Optional notification icon that displays last smoke status to quickly determine if you should wait to smoke or not
★ Frequent updates as needed

Features marked with a [Plus] are only enabled if you have purchased Smoking Log Plus License. There are (and will continue to be) features that are only available if you have purchased a license.

We are looking for help translating Smoking Log into more languages. Contact us at smokinglog@ccswe.com if you would be willing to help

We want to have the best application we can so please rate us. If you have any suggestions for improvements or encounter any issues send us feedback in the application or by emailing smokinglog@ccswe.com

If you find this application useful or it helps you quit smoking (or you just hate the ads) please consider purchasing Smoking Log Plus License to provide extra functionality and remove ads, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ccswe.SmokingLogPlus

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