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Análisis Quit Genius - quit smoking, vaping and alcohol

Quit Genius - quit smoking, vaping and alcohol

Quit Genius - quit smoking, vaping and alcohol

El mejor enfoque para dejar de fumar, vapear y beber alcohol

Over 60,000 people have already quit smoking, vaping and alcohol using Quit Genius.

If you've signed up for a Quit Genius account via your employer or healthcare provider then download the app to start your treatment program today.


💡 Built by doctors, psychologists and world-leading experts on quitting smoking, vaping and alcohol so it’s scientifically proven to work!
💡 A program that is personalized to you
💡 A dedicated care team to cover all aspects of your care, from coaching to the prescription of medication
💡 A digital cognitive behavioral therapy program to help you reevaluate your relationship to substances
💡 Ongoing support so that you continue to achieve your goals

Featured in The Times of India, Wired, Mail Online, Metro, Evening Standard, The Mirror, Pharmatimes and TechCrunch.
“This quit smoking app is basically like having your own personal therapist in your pocket” Evening Standard.
“This app helps change the way smokers think and behave...it could be a game-changer” Mail Online
“Quit Genius makes supportive, effective treatment as accessible as reaching for your phone” Wired

Quit Genius is only available through employers and healthcare providers so check to see if the program is offered by your employer; if so you'll need to have signed up for an account on the dedicated website before being able to use the app.

We're always looking to improve. Our quit smoking experts and our developers are working constantly to give you all the support you need to quit smoking and vaping and with your help we can give the world a smoke free future. Contact us at support@quitgenius.com with any questions and feedback!

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