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Análisis Baby Feeding Tracker - Newborn Feeding and Care

Baby Feeding Tracker - Newborn Feeding and Care

Baby Feeding Tracker - Newborn Feeding and Care

Ayudar a los padres a realizar un seguimiento de las actividades de crecimiento del sueño con pañales para los recién nacidos

Easy and free baby feeding tracker app for parents to track your newborn baby’s daily habits and health with a quick one-hand tap! Easily share and communicate with doctors or caregivers whenever necessary.

Baby Tracker - Breastfeeding Diaper Sleep Growth Log provides tracking, logging and statistics functionalities for the following newborn baby care items.

1. Baby Feeding
- Start and stop newborn’s breastfeeding timer with one tap
- Track breastfeeding time and pumping time per breast
- Setting for formula feeding / bottle feeding
- Visualize trends and routines of your baby with timeline to better understand baby’s needs

2. Baby Sleep Tracker
- Log your newborn’s sleep schedule with starting and end time for each session
- Help recognize sleep patterns to better plan baby caring and feeding

3. Baby Diaper/Nappy Change Tracker
- Detailed and accurate diapering/nappy change records
- Compare against history data and help easily recognize any potential health problems such as diarrhea, constipation or dehydration

4. Leisure - Record your infant’s tummy time, play time, outdoor time and bath time

5. Baby Growth Tracker
- Measure and enter baby’s weight, height and head circumference to see baby’s growth over weeks, months and even years
- Compare your newborn’s measurements against world health organization average / infant growth chart for an overview of your infant’s health and wellbeing

6. Baby Health Tracker - Track medical history like medication, temperature and vaccine for future reference

7. Notes - This section allows you to enter details for special moments, baby preferences, or any allergic response to better baby management.

8. Data sync - Once signed in, you can easily sync your baby data across multiple devices.

Enjoy your parenting with the best newborn baby tracker app with
Baby Tracker - Breastfeeding Diaper Sleep Growth Log!

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