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Learn Spanish from scratch

Learn Spanish from scratch

Español simplificado a través de explicaciones sencillas paso a paso y práctica.

This app is the result of years of teaching Spanish and understanding what works and what doesn't in the process of learning a language.

What can you expect from this app?

* Every bit of information that is given to you will be given at the right time, in the right order, so the learning process can be as easy and smooth as possible.
* There are no tables to learn, you just learn the grammar through sentences, because that is the natural way our brains learn a language, through meaningful repetition.
* The words that are used will always be suitable to your current level and they are repeated at intervals in future sentences.
* You will be asked to translate sentences, it is not just a passive process. In time, you will be able to automatically use grammar and vocabulary, without thinking about grammar and vocabulary.

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