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Quitting vaping can be hard - we get it. Whether you’re trying to quit for the first time or you’ve been there before, the most important thing is to keep trying! And it wouldn’t hurt to have some help along the way. That’s where No Vape comes in.

No Vape was created by Kick It California, a stop vaping service and research-based program at the University of California, San Diego. Our program has been helping people with behavior change since 1992, using clinically proven methods. Our app has features that will help you prepare to quit and stay quit, with strategies you can get right from the palm of your hand.

► Dashboard
- The dashboard offers a quick view of why you want to quit and how long you’ve been at it. These important reminders can keep you motivated if things get tough.

► Craving Crushers
- Cravings only last a few minutes. We have things to help you get through it. Play a game, get a quit tip, or do some deep breathing.

► My Plan
- Knowing your triggers and having a plan to deal with them will help you quit. My Plan shares strategies that have worked for others. Doing these help you deal with those times when you really want to vape.

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