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Gym Mate - Strength Training

Gym Mate - Strength Training

levantamiento de pesas de entrenamiento personal, elegir incorporado o crear rutinas propias.

Create log and track your workout, strength training and fitness routines.
Gym Mate app helps easy tracking of personal strength and and muscle building programs. Plan and track single fitness workouts as well as weightlifting and power lifting routines.
There are hundreds of built-in exercises to choose from. The app also offers a number of built-in routines for bodybuilding and power lifting. Choose form hundreds of exercises. After the first log the performed reps and sets will remembered. This make it easy to log the same exercise afterwards.
There is also support for power lifting routines. You can add your own exercises and create custom routines. For advanced power lifting routines training max and percentages are supported. Tactical barbell like routines can be created and customized.

Built in muscle groups / categories
★ Abdominal (Abs)
★ Back
★ Biceps
★ Cardio
★ Chest
★ Forearms
★ Legs
★ Shoulders
★ Trapezius
★ Triceps

Built-in routines
★ Arms routines
★ Big Back
★ Beginner chest and triceps
★ Beginner legs and abs
★ Beginner back and biceps
★ Strength routine
★ Candito power lifting template
★ Beginner full body routine

Free Features
★ Log exercises
★ Add custom exercises
★ Specific timer for each exercise
★ Timer start automatically after each set
★ Search exercise videos on YouTube
★ Track body weight
Pro Features
★ Log routines
★ Create custom routines
★ Backup to Google Drive
★ Weight plate calculator
★ Progression in line charts

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