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My Workout Plan - Daily Workout Planner

My Workout Plan - Daily Workout Planner

Planificar y gestionar fácilmente su entrenamiento con Mi Plan de Entrenamiento - Planificador de entrenamiento diario!

My Workout Plan is your best friend for managing your exercises, creating routines, playing your workouts and recording your progress all the way.
My Workout Plan - Daily Workout Planner is a free modern exercise, routines, workouts and bodyweight manager, fully customizable with emphasize on simplicity.

● Lots of exercises for you to use when creating your own routine, Including photos and instructions
● Simple yet powerful interface for creating your own custom exercise
● All types of exercises are supported: Weights, Non-weights, Time-based, Distance-based, Pyramids, Dropsets, Supersets
● Set exercise color to your liking, for a better view
● Add notes including links, which be visible when playing the exercise

● Simple and intuitive way to view your routines with their exercises
● Group your exercises by their muscle or just view them by their order
● Play your routines and record them

Workout player:
● You can play your workouts while the phone is closed, from the notification window
● Workout player includes a fully customizable timer
● Set rest between sets, exercises and workouts time
● Notification sound when time is up
● Get workout playing summary with viable data
● Change the order of the exercises however you like it (even while playing your workout)

● Workouts / routines / exercises history - view all your workouts history and see how your progress goes
● Body measurements - add your body metrics over time and see how you gain mass or lose weight

Go Pro:
The free version should be more than enough for the average user but you are more advanced or just want to support you can Go Pro
● Save and load savings, this way manage several workouts
● Online sync/backup - sync and backup all your data to the cloud, and share it among other devices
● Ability to add photos for your exercises
● Powerful and rich statistics with progress graphs
● Free of ads
● Add set to your exercises while playing them

I am always striving to provide the best user experience for the users. And I am also looking for your feedback, suggestion or recommendation. Please, feel free to email me at "sosis.apps@gmail.com" so I can continue to bring you the best experiences and updates

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