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Geooh GO

Geooh GO

Geooh GO is the most feature rich geocaching app available today. Beautiful to look at, easy to use.

NOTE: Geooh requires a Premium membership at geocaching.com!

If you are NOT a Premium member, DO NOT DOWNLOAD the app because Geooh will not run otherwise. The official Groundspeak app is better designed for geocachers with a Basic membership.

Also, if you are a big fan of c:geo, you may not want to download either. Geooh has a more modern radically different user interface that some c:geo users cannot adapt to... please do not download the app and then rate it low because it's different than c:geo... it was designed to be different!


Geooh has all the features typical of a geocaching app, but it also has features found only on Geooh:

— Integrated modern Wherigo player
— Integrated TB scanner (OCR, barcode, and image) *
— Integrated Answer sheet to manage virtual and earthcache answers
— Integrated GeoTours discovery and lists of geocaches

Unique features:
— Geocache proximity alert 'pings'
— Nearby geocache notifications *
— Share offline lists wirelessly with nearby Geooh users *
— Display and manage your friends
— API usage meter with ability to disable the API
— Puzzle/challenge checkers show with link to sites
— Display HQ promotions and leaderboard
— Optional Dark Mode for screens
— Landscape and tablet split-screen mode
— Offline worker to monitor network for logging

— Show county boundaries/names... with shading *
— Show route to geocache overlay on map *
— Show optimized route to multiple geocaches *
— Show geocache elevation and county info
— Show geocache hotspot view on map
— Show Google Street View of location in the app *
— Show Groundspeak map color/theme style
— Show Delorme challenge overlay on map *
— Add any KML or GeoJSON map overlay *
— Slide out map drawer to select geocaches
— Display all your finds on a heat map
— Picture in picture mode for compass display
— Full screen immersive mode option

— Show your cache find stats by date range
— Show cache place date and how long ago it was found
— Image thumbnails in geocache and TB logs
— Group geocaches by status in sub-lists
— Mark waypoints with different colors
— Enter waypoints via map and a panning reticle
— Quickly show nearby events or new caches
— Display Groundspeak Upvotes on logs
— Last found date and previous logs popups
— Highlights caches you have favorited

— Auto copy cache log to TB log
— Auto attach cache log images to TB log
— Auto TB visits when logging caches
— Bulk TB logging (just like LogThemAll.com)
— Share TB lists from scanner *

Wear OS:
— Show daily find stats from watch *
— Show cache on watch map with compass ~

* = (requires subscription @ .99 USD cents every 6 months)
~ = (requires a Wear OS 2.0+ watch with a magnetometer sensor)

If you are new to geocaching, please use the official app from Groundspeak to learn the game. If you are a more serious and advanced geocacher, Geooh GO is the app for you!

See more at https://geooh-go.com

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