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MileageWise Mileage Tracker

MileageWise Mileage Tracker

🚗🚗 The Only Mileage Log Software Solution on The US Market Capable of IRS-Proof Mileage Logging, Even Retrospectively. 🚗🚗

Record your trips on the go manually or track them fully automatically with our Android Mileage Tracker App! At the end of the month, get an IRS-Proof Mileage Log Recommendation with the help of the AI-based AdWise feature for your missing trips! Before finalization, the Built-in IRS Auditor checks and corrects 70 logical conflicts to make sure that your mileage log meets Every Expectation!

Equipped with a Web Dashboard and Mileage Tracker App, MileageWise was designed with every kind of user in mind:

For the Users wanting to Recover Lost Mileage:
⬅ Focusing on recovering and reconstructing past, lost, and possible mileage
💰 Saving time and money retrospectively

For the Users wanting IRS-Proof Mileage Tracking without being monitored:
📡 Tracking and recording miles with Monitoring-Free Tracking Options

For the Perfectionists:
🎓 Guaranteeing regulation-compliant mileage logs with the help of the AI-based AdWise Technology
🔎 70 Logical Conflict Monitoring for a flawless finish
☯ IRS-Proof end-result meeting Every Expectation

We won’t let you have mileage logs that are not 100% IRS-proof!

And for the User who is always on the go:
⌛ Too Much to Do, Too Little Time: trust our Mileage Log Experts with creating IRS-Proof Mileage Logs from your mileage data

With MileageWise you can:

Save $12,000 in tax deduction/year.
Support your Past Tax Deduction Claims: The program monitors past legislation and federal standard mileage rates making supporting past mileage claims possible.
Accurately and Automatically Track your Trips: Bluetooth, Phone charge, or Vehicle Movement monitoring automatic tracking functions with a technology allowing privacy and battery saving.
Auto-classification of trips: Personal / Business use.
Import your Partners In Bulk: Import your partners from your address list and the partners and their distances will immediately appear on the map.
Import your Already Existing Mileage Logs: By importing mileage logs generated in other mileage trackers (MileIQ, TripLog, Everlance, MileCatcher, etc.) or with other solutions (in Excel, on paper, extracted from GPS data, etc.) you can improve them further with AI technology and logical conflict checking.
Share your Dashboard With Your Team: Get the most out of your Mileage Log Dashboard by adding your team members to it.
Concentrate on Getting the Maximum Amount of Business Mileage Deduction: No distracting features, unrelated to mileage tracking.
Feel Supported by the MileageWise Team: Phone support with a live agent!
It respects your Privacy: You’re not constantly tracked by GPS.

Use it as follows:

1. Mileage Tracker App:
Record your trips on the go either Manually or Automatically.
The app will display the vehicles, headquarters/branches, partners, destinations, filling stations, trip purposes already included on your web dashboard.
Manage multiple cars or manage one car on multiple phones.
Display companies near your current location and save them to your partner list with the touch of a button.
Company name and POI search for partner recording.
You can record any GPS points.
Record your end-of-month odometer readings and refueling data.

2. Web Dashboard:
At the end of the month go to the Web Dashboard, get an IRS-Proof Mileage Log Recommendation with the help of our AdWise Technology for your missing trips and let the Built-in IRS Auditor of MileageWise check 70 Logical Conflicts in your mileage log before printing your mileage log out! All this in just 7 minutes to ensure your mileage log will meet every expectation!

This is not just a standalone app, You have the option to choose a small or big screen!

Try out our 14 Days Free Trial with All Functions Included!

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