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Análisis GymKeeper — Gym log, Workout tracker

GymKeeper — Gym log, Workout tracker

GymKeeper — Gym log, Workout tracker

Rastreador de ejercicios intuitivo y registro de gimnasio con programas y ejercicios profesionales

Keeping a training journal is an essential part of your workout effectiveness with the goal of building muscles or losing weight, and we have done everything to let you log your workouts as quick and simple as possible.

GymKeeper App is a simple and visual workout tracker that includes many useful tools for training in the gym and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

GymKeeper Features:

Since the main function of a training journal is to log your gym activity, we have made this process as simple and clear as possible. The gym diary is divided into pages, each of which represents a separate training day with all the exercises and sets visible so that you don't have to make extra clicks to fully view and edit your workout. You can navigate between days by swiping left and right or through the calendar. On the same screen the timer can be activated to count down rest time between sets. In addition to the above, if you are a fitness trainer you can track multiple athletes simultaneously.

GymKeeper includes a lot of exercises and training programs, suitable for athletes with different fitness levels. All exercises and workout routines in the application are absolutely free and you always can add your own custom data. Weights and repetitions are being filled automatically by the application depending on your previous results. Also in a couple of clicks you can diversify your workouts by switching any exercise to an analogous one with the same muscle groups involved.

Track the statistics on your workouts, exercises, muscle groups and body measurements for any period of time and set new records. Interactive charts will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses to determine the future training plan. Analysis of your workout results will make your attending a gym more fun and productive.

With the help of our fitness calculator you can figure out the recommended barbell weight for a set, as well as the body mass index, the daily calorie intake and the target heart rate for your workouts. The measurements logging will allow you to easily track changes in any of your body parameters both by the measurements themselves and by the attached photos. The built-in notebook will serve for recording any important information related to your workouts. The "Share" function will help you to view and create cards with inspirational sports quotes to motivate yourself and your friends :)

If the building of a beautiful body is important part of your life, the GymKeeper application will help you with the achievements of your goals. Our application will be helpful for both beginners and experienced sportsmen and sportswomen in the fields of fitness, bodybuilding and powerlifting.

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