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Gym Done - Gym Workout & Home Workout Personal

Gym Done - Gym Workout & Home Workout Personal

Weightlifting & Bodybuilding, free Home Workouts, Gyms Workout Planner

A personal training app designed to help you do fitness and gym workouts, lose weight or gain mass and live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life. Gym Done is your perfect digital personal trainer that will help you do your full body workout including the chest and shoulders, traps and neck, back, abs, glutes, legs, and more.

Use Gym Done to:

• Create your own set of workout routines
• Track and analyze your gym workouts
• Keep fit by following the instructions
• Get quick results in 30 days

Gym Done is your ultimate fitness tracker and gym helper.

★ Exercises based on muscle groups
What is in your workout plan? Do you want to do a full body workout or focus only on a specific part of your body? With Gym Done you can do either a full body workout or a gym workout for a particular muscle group such as your abs or chest or lats or anything else that you want.

★ Detailed explanations
Once you choose a specific muscle group, you get a ton of exercises designed to help you build those muscles. Each exercise box includes the following:

• A detailed description of how and why you should do the exercise
• A gif illustrating how you should do the exercise
• A video showing how you should do the exercise

★ Workout plans
You have a vast variety of workout plans to choose from. If you pick a full body workout plan, you will be offered a specific set of gym and fitness exercises that will help you achieve the desired goal. You can also unlock more advanced workout plans such as those for your back & shoulders or chest & triceps or legs & chest etc.

★ Custom workout plans
If the existing workout plans are not enough for you, feel free to experiment with the exercises to create your custom workout plan. Move the exercises around, pick the ones that you think will be more effective for you, add and remove exercises to get the perfect workout plan for you.

★ Healthy meal plans
Keeping fit and staying healthy is not only about attending the gym and following your personal training app’s instructions. You need to also take into account what you eat. Healthy food is a must. That’s why you can use the healthy meal plans that we have prepared for you. Choose your goal and start cooking!

★ Getting ready for your gym workout
It is easy to forget to take your towel or your socks or something else with you while you hurry to the gym. But with the “Pack my bag” section of the app, you can make sure that everything you need during your fitness workout is in your bag. Simply tap the checkboxes while you are packing your bag not to miss anything.

★ Tracking workout history and body stats
Doing the fitness and gym workout is one thing, tracking progress and measuring the results is another thing. Make sure to view your workout history frequently. Also, tap on the “body stats” section to track your measurements and see what results your workout is bringing.

Keep fit. Stay motivated. Be inspired.

Come to say hi to our active Gym Done community on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/gym_done/).

If you have got any questions or suggestions to us, let us know by dropping us a line at support@gymdone.com.

Terms of use: http://gymdone.com/terms
Privacy policy: http://gymdone.com/privacy-policy

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