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Análisis Learn Multiplication Table - Times Table Game

Learn Multiplication Table - Times Table Game

Learn Multiplication Table - Times Table Game

Aprender Tabla de multiplicación con la panda. divertido juego de niños para practicar la multiplicación

Learning multiplication table while playing a fun game.
Math shouldn't be hard.
Use Multiplying Panda to learn the multiplication table easily, practice on solving multiply and division exercises while having fun and feeding the cute panda.
Your kid will master the multiplication table without noticing!

This fun times table game was created with the assistance of teachers and is based on educational researches that emphasize the repetition importance.

With every times or division exercise the kids solve they can purchase more food items for the Panda.
Application uses machine learning mechanism to decrease the appearances of the exercises you solved easily and increase the amount of exercises you've struggled with. This will allow you to cover the whole multiplication table.

✔ Get a daily reminder to feed the Panda by solving multiplication exercises, as the best method to learn is using constant practice.

✔ Get trophies to encourage solving more times table exercises.

✔ Set exercise type - multiply or division.

✔ Set difficulty level by decreasing or increasing multiplication table size.

✔ Choose one of many food items to feed the Panda to encourage kids to practice more.

✔ Machine learning usage to match the exercises level specifically to you.

✔ Easily learn math facts - multiply and divide


Learn math and times tables while playing!
Help your child make progress in school math.

Your life will be a lot easier when you can simply remember the math multiplication tables!
We give you an app about math kids will love!
You won’t be able to stop playing times table game.


More features are on the way to this great multiplication table application.

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